You'll leave the blog up, right? Your work should be preserved. ^^

Of course! The blog is staying! I just won’t update it really anymore.

Well, it’s been a blast!

This marks the end/cancellation of AskVampiressFluttershy. I wanna thank all of you for sticking around for so long for almost 2 years. It’s been great and I’ve loved every minute of it. But sadly, I’ve lost almost all interest in MLP and this blog. I’ve been meaning to draw updates but I can’t find the motivation or time with school. And I don’t want to keep people hanging. But am I stopping drawing? Of Course not! I actually have another ask blog where I actually am gonna keep updating. It’s   
I also have my Mod Blog:

If you want my skype, just message me! either here or the megawatttz blog.
 And I wanna say thank you again. It’s not an ending, it’s a new beginning!

How about you make your stoned rarity part of this universe and mabey turn applejack?

Stoned Rarity and Vampiress Fluttershy are in the same universe.

(What can I do to make the blog a bit more…appealing?)

(I love all of my fans, I really do. I just wanna know what would make you guys stay here a bit more enjoyable. What would you like to see?)

…..I hate this.


You…your following me! Ashgjhgfhghgdahhdagjdghfdh. I love your blog how’d I not see this sonner?

I’m always watching my next meal~


I do worry about them sometimes, but what else can we do?

Oh Rarity…


hello friends!
i apologise for bothering you on this fine day/not fine day, whatever kind of day you’re having! (i at least hope it was good)
back last year you might have seen my post about my house being in dire condition, found here if you didn’t, anywho, it’s a lot better now thankfully but i found out my venomous arse of a mother hasn’t paid a single bill while in the house (which she racked up without my knowledge and buggered off while i was at uni)

anywho, after deliberating my case with all the companies she pissed off, one just isn’t accepting my plea because she arranged the bills in my name and therefore it’s my debt to deal with. i put in a defence claim form but they denied it and now they want £2,624.91 in six days. 
i know i won’t raise anywhere near that amount of money in that amount of time and have an overdraft and student loan that can handle it for now, but sadly after paying i won’t have enough money to eat/live. so i’ll be taking on commissions.
i’ll draw whatever you want me to, i have no basis to insult or reject anything and am pretty open minded so please feel comfortable asking me for anything you like. i’m not going to put a price up for each kind because i’ve never done commissions before and wouldn’t know how to price things and i simply just need whatever people can afford right now
thankyou again, please signal boost if you can’t and sorry for taking up your precious tumblr time ;u; have a lovely day!
if you’re interested, send me an inbox or message me on skype (beth.bomb32) thanks!

Help her out guys! She’s A really good friend and a really good artist!


Flower: I’m not a fricking food. 

Snow: Flower! Language!

Thanks everyone for 700! (707). That much closer to 1000! I want to thank all of you for sticking around so long and I hope you guys will be around for much longer. Trying to revive the blog a bit, and maybe do some crossovers with my other blog, Stoned Rarity I may do a stream tomorrow on Sunday for this milestone, but I’ll discuss that with the mod~ 

P.S. I’m looking for a 2-D animator! Not for an update, but for…help ^^; I wanna animate and I need a little tutoring. If Anyone knows anything, message me!

P.S.S: Should I do a normal stream (Streaming cartoons, art, etc), or Art giveaway? Lemme know! and thank you again!